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CARM: A quiet writing day  Wednesday 4th October  

CARM: A quiet writing day Wednesday 4th October

This Most Amazing Day: writing in time

In these days of blogs and tweets, is there still a place for good writing?

It is said that we don’t truly let experience shape us until we have written it down.

‘London is enchanting,’ wrote Virginia Woolf on 26th May, 1924. ‘I step out upon a tawny coloured magic carpet, it seems, and get carried into beauty without raising a finger….One of these days I will write about London, and how it takes up the private life and carries it on, without any effort.’ Mrs Dalloway followed a year later, her major novel.

4th October is a ‘ one of these days’ day, to write it down. Come and catch the moment, past or present, learning the art of quiet writing. This is writing linked to patient observing and reflecting. Tweets may bubble up, phrases be given, to begin a larger work. Our models will be some of the best writers in the English language including Thomas Hardy, William Trevor and Marilynne Robinson.
why not make the moment last? There is the option of staying the night before the day on 3rd October and extending your visit to the 5th October. Arrive at tea time on the 3rd and leave after lunch on the 5th October. No formal activities will be arranged, but more time to enjoy the house and the company.

The Quiet Writing day is a prelude to a CARM Poetry Week-end on June 2nd 2018 led by Revd Clive Harper and Diana Walls. You don’t need to register for both now, but if you wonder whether you have a flair for writing, come and discover. Practise telling it how it is.

Our Price: £30.00

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